Delve 2nd ed – March of the Dead


The town of Wreck Haven is threatened by an evil mage.

Will you be the ones that will save the town from the March of the Dead or will the people of Wreck Haven succumb to the wave of undead looking to feast on their brains?

The March of the Dead is an adventure for Delve 2nd edition, it can be played in one or two sessions by a group of up to 4 adventurers.

Inside you will find

  • March of the Dead Adventure

  • New Necromancer Class for you to build

  • Level 1 to 5 Necromancer Spell Lists

  • Various tables for encounters, blockages, puzzles, and treasure.

So grab your swords its time to go and save Wreck Haven.

Have a Happy and scare packed Halloween.

You will need Delve 2nd edition to play this game