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We held a poll earlier this month in which we asked all of you guys to tell us what sort of Item Cards you would like to see for The School of Sorcery. Thanks for the input, guys! The winning vote was for Joe’sBook of Secrets”!

Without further ado, this month’s exclusive Item Cards for all “The First Scouts“, “Undaunted Pioneer“, “Grand Archivist” and “Master Chronicler” supporters, here to accompany you and your companions on your epic tales:

$2+ Rewards

[The First Scouts] [First Class Ranger] [Undaunted Pioneer] & [Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

  • Tome of Secrecy: Millenia ago, a group of pent-up wizards got extremely frustrated about their lack of knowledge, so they called the Archmage Aranil, and together, they created the Book of Secrets; a book that could show its wielder the secrets of the Multiverse. The Tome of Secrecy was an attempt to recreate this original book– showing its user the answers to most of his questions in its crystal ball.
  • Quill of Writing: Made out of the feathers of a mystical magical bird. This quill writes without the need of one’s hands, but still writes in the owner’s handwriting.
  • Mr. Broomtastic: Created after years of extensive studying by an extremely lazy (yet very dedicated) wizard, Mr. Broomtastic came to life. Sometimes grumpy, usually fantastic, Mr. Broomtastic does away with all of your needless effort to make room for a perfectly mustached broom or an amazing drinking buddy. As if he wasn’t amazing enough, he floats, too.

$5+ Rewards

[Grand Archivist] [Master Chronicler]

  • Script of the Unrecorded: The School of Sorcery was founded by four great sorcerers. However, there is little of mention of the fifth sorcerer: The Unrecorded, and possibly the most powerful of the bunch. It is said that his dark and twisted ambitions were so grand and sinister, that the four other founders had no choice but to bundle their might to once and for all seal The Unrecorded and have his records be wiped. Unfortunately, the slip of time has corroded the seal slowly. It is said that whoever has this script in hand is able to wilfully use the dark sorcerer’s magic… but at what expense?

  • Formats: JPG (Print ready)
  • Sizes: A6, Postcard (4×6”)
  • Variations: With text, Without text

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