An oath to be honored…

A covenant to be reinterpreted…

A vow to be forgotten…

Gargoyles provides a new take on an old classic and introduces a new Heritage for the Home Sweet Dungeon micro-setting in Tiny Dungeon 2e. More than just demon-like creatures with skin of stone, these Gargoyles have claws of magical metal and eyes made from enchanted gems.

Born long ago to protect Humans from the evils of the world, Gargoyles are now frequently looked at with distrust and disdain—as nothing more than vile monsters and grotesque killers.

But regardless of how people might judge them, some of these frightening creatures choose to honor their Covenant and fight evil from the shadows, hunting those who pose a threat to Humanity.

Gargoyles includes:

  • 10 new Traits specifically designed for Gargoyle Adventurers.
  • 1 new Prestige Trait specifically designed for Gargoyle Adventurers.
  • 10 Magic Items.
  • 6 Adventure Hooks.

*Requires Tiny Dungeon 2e, and can be easily modified to fit into other micro-settings.

This product is produced by Gallant Knight Games and is priced at $1.99


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