Mecha vs Kaiju: Cypher System

Become a fearless mecha pilot in this anime-inspired role playing game powered by the Cypher System. Craft your character based on anime archetypes. Design giant robots with custom-made weapons, armor, and other exotic systems. Pit your players against monstrous kaiju capable of leveling cities. Get a taste of a world where every giant monster movie really happend. 


This Mecha vs Kaiju supplement is a toolbox, keeping all the options in the background, in order to maintain Cypher’s signature simplicity of gameplay. MvK features a number of new additions to the Cypher System:

  • Anime-inspired character Archetypes using combinations of Type, Flavor, and Ability.
  • Genre Rules for creating a variety of games at multiple power levels.
  • Options for how Scale affects the battlefield.
  • A complete Mecha and Kaiju Creation System, including numerous optional rules to match any style of play. Build giants like cyphers, vehicles, or go in depth with a point-based system capable of crafting any giant monster or robot you can imagine.
  • Sample mecha and kaiju, including the premier mecha team, Taskforce Ichiban, and the unstoppable Kaibutsu, King of the Kaiju!
  • Get a taste of the Mecha vs Kaiju setting, with a history of the world and organizations like the Mecha Assault Force, Ogre Ninja Clan, and Cult of the Beast God.


Mecha vs Kaiju is now available through the Cypher Creator System and requires the Cypher System Rulebook from Monte Cook Games.

Mecha Assault Force…ICHIMASU!!!

This product is produced by Monte Cook Games and is priced at $4.99


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