Monday Mutants 10: Grumble-Strike

This is our 10th Monday Mutant of an initial dozen freaks. Included in this PDF is an all-new Reaction Roll table for this unpredictable, role-play heavy new creature. Roll your d100 and add or subtract from previous questions and statements by the Grumble-Strike to find out if it will try and eat your heroes, befriend them, guide them to riches, or betray them. Other tables include a set for the appearance, and gender of this dual-headed thing, as well as a mutation table for the ten percent of these damn things that exhibit deviations.


Snap up your PDF copy of this bizarre, talkative mutie for the always affordable ‘Pay What You Want’ price.

Here’s what’s in this 8 page PDF:


As with other Monday Mutants, the Grumble-Strike can easily have its stats modified for another game system, yet it handles best using the fast-paced Outland System used by The Mutant Epoch RPG. Are you new to this system? Curious? Grab our free TME Quick Start Rules with the included 42 page adventure ‘Muddy Mayhem’ right here:

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Our next Monday Mutant is the ever elusive, fast moving, and shockingly evil Wriggle-Hack.


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