Monsters 2

Monsters 2 is an art pack that is free to use for Foundry authors to have monster illustrations for their products. Full permission is granted for use in Foundry products by the artists, Chris Markham and Mike Nadeau.

For these illustrations, painted miniatures were used along with other art techniques to provide images canon to the setting of Terrinoth, without using licensed FFG and Edge art images. They are already transparent images. Full permission to crop or modify the images is granted. We do ask that if using any of the images in your product, please include “Some art by Chris Markham and Mike Nadeau” somewhere in the product credits.

I plan to offer more of these art packs with other monsters, heroes, and villains as time permitss, free to the community for use in other Foundry products if the author wishes. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: To my knowledge, this drastic transformation and value add from the original 3d figures makes these images free of the figure copyright. However, I am not a licensed attorney so cannot emphatically give this as legal advice. 

This product is produced by Fantasy Flight Games and is priced at $0.00


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