Nightfell – Lunar Predator

***This products includes both English and Italian Version | Questo prodotto include sia il file Inglese che Italiano***

The Lunar Predator is a Nighfell encounter, unlocked as a stretch goal of the Kickstarter campign, designed together with the community.

They say it’s like lightning.
The horror begins with the vision of an eye in the dark.
Then nothing. 

When the endless night cloaked the lands of Iùrmen in a freezing darkness, covens of witches scattered across the lands concocted a way to harness the power of the moon to create something extremely powerful. Some amongst the most vicious and dangerous ones, like the Moaning Marshes coven, practiced dark experiments on wild beasts. Eventually, they gave birth to a breed of creatures capable of drawing strength from the full power of moonlight. 

Witches are known for the curses they cast on people, creatures, even bloodlines. Yet, their reckless use of occult arts brought them to the creation of Moon Prowlers: cold, sly and powerful creatures whose own creators eventually learnt to fear.

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