Nightmare at the Bloody BowlRama

You know that the bowling alley attached to the mall is large. Huge even. It was the sort of place that housed huge corporate and school sponsored parties . . . if your corporation or school enjoyed torturing its employees and students with embarrassing bowling sessions which were sure to be ridiculed for months to come. 

In any case, you visited once or twice prior to the apocalypse. It had its own sprawling food court, a bunch of bowling lanes, and multiple stock rooms chock full of supplies. It might be the perfect location to stock up.

There is just one problem, you’re pretty sure a whole punk squad of kids who were bowling there probably go killed at the advent of the apocalypse. At least, that is the rumor you’ve heard.

If this is true, their radiated corpses might be up again and walking around, just looking for a bite to eat of someone’s skin. 

If you’re wrong and they didn’t die . . . well . . . things could be way, way worse. Those teens could be mutated freaks by now. They might have their own little gang all holed up there. 

In either case, those teenage bastards are still there. If you can just blast them to hell, perhaps you can find yourself a fancy reward for your troubles . . . 

Or maybe you’ll end up just joining the freak circus of the undead mutants.

The Nightmare at the Bloody Bowl-O-Rama is a mini dungeon for use with the Micro Mutants RPG. It can be used as a supplement to your main game or as a one-off adventure.


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