One Child’s Heart: Book of Memories

The Book of Memories is a heartfelt supplement for One Child’s Heart, a game about human compassion in the face of crisis. One Child’s Heart is a tabletop roleplaying game about child welfare Professionals consensually entering the Memories of at risk youth to help forge a meaningful connection.

This book offers over forty unique and important Memories to use with the core game. A team of fifteen incredible designers contributed to crafting the Memories within. These new Memories provide sincere moments that will touch the heart of any who read or play them. The Book of Memories is a touching and wonderful companion to One Child’s Heart.

Explore the game’s message of hope and empathy through these new Memories created to help us understand just how different crisis can be for each of us. A range of experiences and intersections are explored within, ensuring Advocates have the building blocks for sharing their own stories.

One Child’s Heart: Book of Memories includes:

  • 40+ new memories 

  • Modifications for each Memory

  • A range of intersectional Memories

This product is produced by Unicorn Motorcycle Games and is priced at $10.00


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