One shot Series. Third story, Meet the strongest in the kingdom

A one shot series, following the story of Marylou, a chicken that went missing. 

Each one shot can be run with no knowledge about the previous, but can also be run in sequence. 

This is the third and final story. The king already trust the party, due to their services before. Now, they need to gain the trust of the people. And to do that, they must complete 3 tasks. 

This is the perfect one shot to get people excited to play especially if the plan is to continue if they enjoy it. It’s recommended for a party of 3rd level, and opens space to keep playing. 

If you played the first and second story before, this expands further the kingdom, presents more NPC’s, and builds the world a little bit more. 

This PDF contains the story, several NPC’s and a new “monster”. 

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.00


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