Prestige Class Compendium Vol.01

Adventurer charachters are so priceles for players of even universe. They are goverment agents, underground lords or even cosmic heralds. In this situation every one of characther so uniqe in ther senses and assigmennts. Because of it, there are so many uniqe features and progress in Herald’s Home world.

In addition to the prestige class rules adapted to the fifth edition, 20 different prestige classes adapted from original ideas and 3.5 edition await you in this document. You can see the full list of them in the preview, but briefly, from a dragon rider, to a thief who steals the powers of the wizards, to a messiah who speaks the words of his god, meet with you in this document.

Why is there Prestige Classes instead Multiclass? I love multiclass concept in 5e, but there is broken things at (especially) higher levels to creators cannot see in the procces. Of course, I cannot do any better things than theirs, but at least I try and do my BEST to enhance my game quality. I think you are agree that problems and I hope agree too may solutions. My Prestige Class thinging is not corporate Multiclassing. It is instead Multiclassing. Let’s jump to my 5e Prestige Class system and Prestige Classes.

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