SCENERY FLOORPLANS – Village Houses Vol 1

VILLAGE HOUSES VOL.1 is the sixth ROLE-ARTS product dedicated to offering modern building plans for the use of GMs. VILLAGE HOUSES VOL.1 includes 11 house models on 13 plan pages. These houses would have been built between 1850-1930, the period in which the most popular mystery and investigation RPGs are set.

NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSES’ PDF format makes it a very practical reference material. It’s easy to make partial printed copies, if necessary. It’s B/W images, without any superfluous details, makes this last possibility especially print friendly and cheap. It also eases its modifica­tion “on the spot” using pencils and markers. Being mostly blank rooms, and its lack of descriptive texts, the drawing doesn’t give any clue of its content to the players, allowing GMs to adapt any description at the service of the particular needs of their story. 

Please, note that this product doesn’t include any commercial use allowing license. It’s a game tool for gamemasters/storytellers.

This product is produced by Role Arts and is priced at $5.99


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