Terazul Returned

Looking for a fun introductory adventure for new players? Or perhaps a setting-agnostic adventure with some lightly Halloween elements to play for everyone’s favorite spooky holiday? This adventure has every thing you need to run a family friendly game night with the worlds greatest roleplaying game!

Terazul Returns is an adventure that focuses on classic D&D elements such as dungeon delving, tactical combat, and dragons! 

The adventure includes…

  • A guide to Digry’s Crossing, a halfling village that easily fits into any fantasy setting. Inncludes notable locations, NPCs, and skill challenges for new players to get their feet wet rolling dice!
  • Explanation of Soulstice, a fantasy analogue holiday that takes the familiar elements of Halloween and adds a splash of D&D magic.
  • An exciting “race against the clock” adventure focused on epic villains, high stakes, and an absolutely MASSIVE pumpkin.
  • Rules for running this adventure as a multi-table event! Two groups of heroes can divide and conquer to stop the Palescales from bringing back the dreaded Terazul.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $4.00


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