Terrinoth Treasures: Volume V

Volume V in the Terrinoth Treasures series features (15) magic items exclusively derived from the Descent boardgame and expansions. As with other volumes in the series, each item is illustrated along with optional rules for players to create the items.

The exotic components of these items can even serve as adventure seeds as adventurers seek out dragon scales, rare gems, ogre’s blood, or other exotic components needed to enchant these items.

Developed by veteran GM Chris Markham (as Gazrok Games), this is one of many titles already released for the Foundry and for the Terrinoth setting. Though this supplement is set in the world of Mennara, it can be converted for use in your own fantasy world. The Genesys Core Rulebook, Realms of Terrinoth sourcebook, and either Genesys Dice or the Genesys Dice App are required to use this product.

This product is produced by Fantasy Flight Games and is priced at $2.00


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