The Dee Sanction Kickstarter

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As Patrons, many of you will already be privy to the details of the system; playtesting has continued and I have found the mechanics hang together well. As a system, Utility serves a purpose in allowing the story to flow without hindering it with complexity. A player can see clearly where their skills lie and can understand their strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

When is The Dee Sanction Kickstarting?

1st November 2020, for three weeks.

You can see a preview of the Kickstarter right now. Once the event starts, that same link will bring you straight to the live Kickstarter page.

I continue to refine the detail and offer, but the broad strokes won’t change. I Kickstarter is all about getting the book published. If I can add more art, fill out the bestiary, and provide more adventures to kick you off, all the better—but no stretch goal will hold back physical fulfilment. I don’t want my first Kickstarter to get messy; that’s why I waited until I had the book all but completed and finalised.

What does that mean for Patreon?

For Patrons, that means that I have suspended pledges for another month because I have been focused elsewhere. I don’t expect you to support me for zero content, although I have been absolutely focussed on just that! I hope you might take the two months saved and support the Kickstarter instead and spread the word to others. If you post on social media, hashtag with #DeeSanctionRecruiting so that I can find you!

This is adventure in a tumultuous time when the status quo changed for everyone, from the bottom to the top. Traditions, privileges, rights, beliefs – they were all in doubt, and it’s that doubt that has allowed magic and creatures of the supernatural to proliferate throughout the land.

Ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges pushed far outside of their safe zone. The game embraces all kinds of gameplay—investigation, intrigue, treasure-hunting, espionage—in a setting that already exists in the history books.

I think simple historical RPGs need more love. They’re games with instant settings and tons of already printed sourcebook, many that we will have read from school age. Tons of talented authors and academics support the line without even knowing it!


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