The Fields of Sorrow


Komdon is falling

Can you save the town and yourself?

Somewhere in rural Ambria is a town named Komdon. Once prosperous, now it is a shadow of its former self. The fertile fields have gone bad, the crops wither and die, and the soul of the town, the beloved Count, is dead. On top of all this misfortune, a series of disappearances spread fear among the population. As tension rises, something dark threatens the very existence of Komdon, something that has its roots deep in the forgotten past. Can it be stopped before it claims the entire town? 

The Fields of Sorrow is an adventure for Symbaroum. It introduces an open world setting with elements of exploring, mystery-solving and social management. This 30-page dark fantasy adventure includes:

  • A living, breathing town that can be set anywhere in Ambria.
  • Two new abilities
  • Two mystical artifacts
  • Tables for mystical treasures and curiosities
  • 14 new NPCs, monsters, and adversaries