The Haunting of Hersey Manor

An old manor with a dark secret, haunted by ghosts of a fateful night.

This adventure offers a classic horror experience with spooks, spectres and a spectacular finale. Trapped in Hersey Manor, the player characrers must explore the house to find a way to escape, while picking up useful items to help them survive their encounters with the ghosts clinging to rooms and corridors of the old building. 

The adventure takes place in the Hersey Manor, which consists of 34 areas, most of which has some form of spook. They range from the subtle feeling of being observed in the entrance hall, to strange shadows dancing on the walls of the shrine. Threaded in between are encounters with ghosts, each with a unique weakness stemming from manner of their deaths. As the challenge of the encounters rise towards the end, the characters can arm themselves with a few magic items hidden throughout the manor, including the Dagger of Healing. Notes and journals scattered about the house reveals the events that led to the haunting, and a party delving deeper may find an alternative way to lift the Curse that has trapped them.

Designed for a party of four to six 3rd level characters, with a play time ranging between six to ten hours.

Also try the new Character Background: The Clairvoyant, armed with an Ouija board and a sixth sense to detect past tragedies.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $4.99


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