The Pendulum & The Pit

In one night, after days of heavy rain, an unholy pit will open up under a city street and swallow a house whole. The City Guard, desperate to evacuate the street, finds a household, three doors along, refusing to leave. It is The House that Was Always There, known to be house of charity, a home for orphans.

To save lives, the adventurers will be tasked with this life or death diplomacy ~ and depending on their talents, will either be invited in through the front door, or will crawl up through the basement through a horrific charnel pit.

These differing approaches, as well as different runic affinities, pushed to the limits by an ancient arcane artifact made to create harmony, will lead to two very different experiences! One of festive hospitality and joy, ending in death! Or one of dizzying uncanny horror, ending in salvation. Or perhaps, a bit of both.

For a party of adventurers set in any large city in Esrolia or Sartar, this novel adventure will seamlessly fit into any campaign and provide a taste of the West! 

Also set during Sacred Time it offers the party a unique opportunity to get invited…to a party! Ever wanted to play Gloranthan Party Games? Your players will now have their chance! 

The Pendulum & The Pit will provide 1 to 2 sessions of entertainment! It can be played as a stand-alone scenario, but also is the first part of a larger campaign to be published soon called ‘With Friends Like These‘. 


  • Descriptions of people and places based on Runic Affinity! 
  • Are adventurers naughty? Or Nice? 
  • Party Games for Adventuring Parties! 
  • Mass graves! 
  • Choirs of melodious orphans! 
  • giant murderous Woodpecker! 
  • Two playable fully rounded characters in addition to your party! A Healer! And a Guard!
  • Three Sorcerer NPC characters! 
  • And a magnificent Magus with malevolant motivation! 
  • New Magic Items! 
  • Presents! LOTS OF PRESENTS! 
  • Sacred Time is the season that keeps on giving! 
  • And taking! 
  • New Weird and Wondrous Sorcery Spells 
  • Death, destruction and Capital Punishment! (Hopefully, just in the game)
  • This Scenario HAS IT ALL! 

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $0.00


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