The World Creator Bird God: CROWHULHU

This very affordable priced product provides You a One-Sheet Monster/GOD (and a One-Shot Monster/Deity, if You like it thaat way) to use in your roleplaying sessions. It really doesn’t matter, are You playing a surrealistic adventure, combining insvestigation, mystery and suspence, where You are on the trail of the Crowhulhu. Or on the flying rutine, to be Exact.
Or do You like to get your thrills with Crowhulhu in hardboiled cyberpunk fantasy setting with full of otherworldly monsters. 


Or maybe You are after serious psychological drama where You are trying fully interact with the very intelligent CROWHULHU and its followers: crowhulhus. Or maybe You want to make art and worlds with the very creative Crowhulhu… Or maybe You are after giving a rest for your aching brain(s) for a while, and therefore You want to play just for giggles and laughs.

What ever is your chosen genre or style, CROWHULHU can (and will be) used to bring mystery, art, drama, suspence, philosophy,  horror, excitement, otherwordly thoughts, weirdness, and laughter to your gaming table!

Crowhulhu is an original deity created by Krisse Tuominen, on her original setting called  ”The Horrific World of Hulhus!”. This product is the third publicly released product for the setting.

Obviously, You can use Crowhulhu in any setting that You wish to use.

Wishing You great playing moments with the Crowhulhu, the God of Gods with its crowhulhonian Followers! -Krisse Tuominen-

This product is produced by Pinnacle Entertainment and is priced at $1.05


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