These Pages Are Knives: Mountain Goat Style

To live is to fight, and everything that lives has its own way of staying alive. These Pages are Knives is a collection of martial arts for Exalted Third Edition, and this is the seventh installment.

Mountain Goat Style is a sling-using, kick-loving art from the high peaks, but which also translates well to city rooftops, fortress walls, and other high places. It’s the art of controlling vertical space, keeping your opponents at a distance, and throwing giant rocks at their head. It contains only one reference to the band the Mountain Goats, which is me apologizing for not including more references to the band the Mountain Goats.

Still, if you’re looking for a colorful new way to paint the battlefield red, These Pages are Knives will provide you with just the combat arts you’ve been looking for.

This product is produced by White Wolf and is priced at $8.00


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