These Pages Are Knives: Rat Fist Style

To live is to fight, and everything that lives has its own way of staying alive. These Pages are Knives is a collection of martial arts for Exalted Third Edition, and this is the sixth installment.

Rat Fist Style is a disreputable bare-handed style coming out of the West and into back alleys everywhere. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to box your way through Creation, you now have it. Onslaught penalties! Terrible injuries leaving nothing but improbably-cool scars! Repeatedly punching people in the head until your words sound reasonable! These are the secret techniques of the disorderly masters of Rat Fist.

If you’re looking for a colorful new way to paint the battlefield red, These Pages are Knives will provide you with just the combat arts you’ve been looking for.

This product is produced by White Wolf and is priced at $8.00


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