Urban Shadows (2nd Ed.) Quickstart

The streets bleed shadows as the supernatural politics of the city threaten to swallow you whole. Will you die a hero—a savior for those who have never had enough—or live long enough to become the villain? Will you fight the darkness…or give in for power?

The choice is yours. 

Urban Shadows: Second Edition is an urban fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which mortals and monsters vie for control of a modern-day city, a political battleground layered just under the reality we think we know. Vampires, faeries, hunters, and wizards fight to carve out a piece of the streets and skyscrapers, ready to make deals with all those who have something to offer. 

Urban Shadows: Second Edition is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse framework, with all new rules designed to help you play a game of political urban fantasy. This quickstart includes everything you need to play a few sessions of the game, such as:

  • Basic moves and rules to play
  • Six archetype playbooks
  • Special rules for Debts and Circles
  • New faction turn rules for 2E
  • Complete systems for intimacy and harm

This quickstart isn’t the full game, and will undergo changes, refinements, and adjustments with playtesting. Make sure you check out the Kickstarter, live now through November 19th! 

This product is produced by Magpie Games and is priced at $0.00


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