Vampire: the Victorian Age – Manchester by Night

It’s the year 1880, and in barely a century Manchester has gone from being a small market town to the world’s first and foremost industrial metropolis, where millions toil in the rain and smoke, gangs fight in the slums and pubs, fortunes are made and lost at the Exchange, and the world is changed forever. 

Vampire: The Victorian Age, Manchester by Night includes:


  • A History of Manchester from small Roman Outpost to Cottonopolis, the Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution
  • The Culture, People, and Landscape of Manchester and Surrounds in Victorian Times
  • Over 25 Characters, including the Notable Kindred and Kine of the Region
  • Story Ideas and Conspiracies to add the cogs and wheels of Industrial Manchester to your Vampire: The Victorian Age Chronicle.
  • A New Thaumaturgical Path: Machine Mastery

This product is produced by White Wolf and is priced at $12.00


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