VAMPUNKS: Punkoween

A new bombastic mission for VAMPUNKS is here just in time for Halloween!

In Punkoween, the beefiest and deadliest adventure the vampunks have yet faced, it’s up to the vampunks to stop the vampires from turning Halloween night into an all out bloodbath. Explore a haunted house that’s more than meets the eye and take on all the terrors that hide in its halls. Uncover the mystery of the blood red candies deep within this place and the VAMPIRE TRICK-OR-TREATERS that crave them! 

Can you and your crew take back Halloween before it’s too late?

This expansion includes…

  • One new mission to play through, the longest one yet at quadruple the size of a base game mission!
  • One new enemy to take on.
  • Two new stylish illustrations.
  • 12 total pages of vampire slaying fun.

Haven’t played VAMPUNKS before? No worries! The base game is TOTALLY FREE and will teach you everything you need to face off against the undead with your friends. 

Good luck, VAMPUNKS, you’ll need it.

This product is produced by ThePunkWrangler and is priced at $1.00


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