Vigil Watch: Dromyas

High in the mountains of Albadia, the minotaurs of Ghelspad work to survive in their bastion-city.  Dromyas was shaped from the mountain itself for the minotaurs, servants of the titan, Denev.  When the Divine War ravaged the continent, the minotaurs fared no better in their mountain fortress.  In fact, some say they were hit the hardest, as a magical virus claimed so much of the population of the city that a century and a half later, the minotaurs are almost extinct.  Those that survive go about their life’s duty, to heal the lands of Scarn.

Come learn about the bastion-city of the minotaurs, which were introduced in Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad, Part 5!  

  • Information about the bastion-city and its defenses, as well as the surrounding lands.
  • Locations of note.
  • Personalities one may encounter in Dromyas.
  • New creatures, including variant griffons, a new spontaneous golem, and a nasty exile from the city.
  • New spells, feats, and magic items.
  • Maps (with and without location numbers) of Dromyas.

This product is produced by Onyx Path Publishing and is priced at $2.95


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