When Bears Fly

It’s time for the Annual Knoebucker Downs! Every year people of every walk of life gather at the small village of Haunterfell in the Vale of Rutherforth, to attend the famous horse races held by Viscount Knoebucker. Participants race on their best horses through the Flewidoor Forest and back to Haunterfell, where the first three racers to cross the finish line are given a princely reward in gold.

This year, however, things get out of hand, as the PCs find out when Owlbears lumber into the path of the racers and start attacking the horses!

This single session adventure takes the PCs through the horse race and into the hunt for Owlbears that follows. The PCs end up finding more than they expected to, however, and might end up taking home more than they bargained for…

More than a Module

Like all Bestiary products, this module contains fun facts about its star monster, the Owlbears, as well as a new ability for your Owlbears and four variants on the Owlbear to let you place them in new environments and give players more exciting tactical challenges.

An Alignment May Vary Product

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This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.99


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