Woof! Dogfolk Races: Poodlemen

The various races of dogfolk were once fey beings tasked with guarding the animals of the Material Plane. They came to admire dogs, seeing them as mortal creatures with emotions as pure as the fey themselves. So, they begged the gods of the Feywild to let them live as dogs. The gods gave them their wish, but only in part. They were made into the dogfolk, humanoid dogs, scattered into the world as servants to the other mortal races.

This supplement allows you to play Dungeons and Dragons as a member of that new race – a Poodlemen.

Poodlemen tend to be the most elegant and cultured of the dogfolk. They are drawn to courts and salons, pursuing the gentle arts of music and philosophy and the less gentle arts of swordplay and politics. They see themselves as natural parts of the aristocracy, distinguished by their nobility and entitled to lives of luxury.

What path will you take as a Poodlemen adventurer?

This is a beautifully put together and well thought out people with an interesting origin, rich lore that gives a great deal to work with on top of an amusing and rather adorable concept and design. – Curse of Sebs (@CurseofSebs on Twitter)

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.95


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