DALE (A Background For Troika)

You are Dale. All attachments to human experience left your psyche a long, long time ago. On your homeworld Mun-Dayne V you have indulged in pleasures, pains, and numbness that would shock even a priest of the Orders of Sensation. Now all that remains is experiences beyond your world. You travel now with a group who have found a miraculous way to tolerate your insatiable need to feel.

DALE was created for the 2019 Troika Backgrounds Jam! on Itch and is intended for players who do not mind playing an unstoppably eerie man whose every impulse is to experience sensation. Or is Dale a woman? Non-binary? Gender is only to Dale what Dale feels is right in the moment, or what Dale feels at all.

This product is produced by The Eldritch Tomb Games and is priced at $2.00


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