Dunwood – Demons, Druids, & Danger

This Forgotten Realms sourcebook provides nine new adventures and plenty of background lore to start adventuring in and around the forest once known as Rawlinswood. 

Even if you’re not interested in the Forgotten Realms, the adventure’s contained within can easily be dropped into most campaign settings.

This book details the ancient Dunwood forest and its surrounding lands including:

  • An overview of lore surrounding Dunwood and a detailed exploration of three areas – The Great Road, Forest Blood Dale, and The Depths of Dunwood
  • Detailed encounter tables to kick start your ideas for adventuring in these lands
  • Nine new adventures are written by some of the DM’s Guild’s most talented creators
  • Five detailed NPC threats around which to build campaigns in the region
  • Exquisite maps of the region and tactical maps for each adventure
  • Superb layout and page design by Anna Urbanek
  • Beautifully illustrated with newly commissioned art from Christine Cain, Daniel F. Walthall, John Latta, Paul Paloma, Petar Penev

“This is a truly spectacular and infinitely fascinating supplement about the demon-infested Dunwood and the surrounding areas on the Great Road, which does the heavy-lifting of what could have been a number of different supplements, but work so spectacularly together to provide detailed information and lore, area specific encounters, many adventures with rich roots to grow into ongoing games and exploration of this dark and twisted area, along with a who’s who of the threats and personalities with more detail on groups, NPCs and statblocks.” – @CurseofSebs


This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $14.95


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