What’s in the book?

RESIDUUM is a passion project seven years in the making. It is a role playing game with Aliens, Mutants, and what’s left of humanity, seeking to survive on an Earth ravaged by nuclear war, disease, and the fall of civilization. The core rulebook contains rules for character creation and game mechanics as well as tools for Game Masters to create their own homebrew campaigns. The vision is for this game to be adaptable to the play styles of any group.

  • You are free to play with or without a grid/miniatures. 
  • You can create powerful synergies with vast multi-classing options or stick to one class. 
  • GMs can create settings and adversaries using the idea seeds in the book or creating their own from scratch. 
  • It can have an old-school number crunchy feel, or you can play it more loosly and let the narrative drive the game. 
  • It’s YOUR game. Play it how YOU like. 

There are 24 character classes across three races: Humans, Mutants, and Bellati. The character creation and leveling system were designed to allow a player to quickly create a multitide of intricate combinations, making their character completely unique.

The World of Residuum

When I was a boy, my granddad used to tell me the story about how the world was, back before the Bellati came. He was just a boy then, the year of the Great Alien Plague. It wasn’t like in the Science Fiction films, he said, where the aliens come to wipe out the human race. The Bellati arrived on earth as refugees in need of a new home world after their star system was destroyed by a supernova. One of their multigenerational colony ships found earth; it still orbits the planet, out of fuel and beyond repair.

For a short while there was peace, but the Bellati unknowingly carried a viral strain from their home world that our human immune systems couldn’t handle. Very few humans were immune, and three quarters of Earth’s population was wiped out in a matter of months. The rest of the damage we did ourselves. Nuclear silos, weapon storage facilities, and military bases were left completely abandoned, and in the aftermath of the plague, thugs and terrorists worldwide became powerful warlords who, in their desperate grabs for power, managed to use these weapons of mass destruction to exterminate nearly the entire remainder of the human race and decimate most of the world’s major cities. Less than 1% of earth’s population remained, and of those humans who survived the plague, some had been mutated by it, gaining superhuman abilities but in many cases becoming deformed, twisted, and evil.

The thousands of Bellati that had arrived in search of a new home were now stranded on a planet which they’d inadvertently destroyed. Guilt ridden about the havoc they had accidentally wrought, the Bellati shared their technology and many adopted the role of caretakers to humanity in an attempt to rebuild their civilization.

So what is left for us now, those brave few adventurers who still roam this scorched abyss of a world? To survive.


  • Checks are a modified d20 system.
  • Attacks use a dice pool of D6s that is simple and intuitive with limited modifiers. 

This product is produced by D Clef Games and is priced at $14.99


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