Super-Mega Map Pack! (Wave 1, 45 Maps!)

So I decided to be generous and put all my maps out as part of a super mega pack. It contains all the maps I’ve published on this arbitrary date that I’m calling Wave 1. It includes the following 45 maps:

Bamboo Pond (Day & Night)

The Birchwood (Day & Night)

Castle Gate (Day & Night)

Creek Crossing (Day & Night)

Desert Plain (Day & Night)

Desert’s Edge (Day & Night)

Desert Oasis

Desert Valley

Highlands (Day & Night & Night w/Camp)

Jungle Path (Day & Night)

Lakeside Camp (Day & Night)

Lava Field

Logging Mill (Day & Night)

Mushroom Field

Mushroom Planet

Rocky Pass (Day & Night & Night w/Camp)

Rocky Plain (Day & Night)

Rocky Shore (Day & Night)

Savanna (Day & Night)

Simple Bridge

Winter Forest (Day & Night)

It also includes the following bonus unreleased maps (that I admittedly wasn’t too crazy about, but maybe you’ll like them and I’m just being too hard on myself!)

Ice Pond

Pitted Field

Wastelands (2 Versions, Both Day)

Willow Forest (Day & Night & Night w/Camp)

Individual maps I usually sell for $2 a piece, so with this pack you get more than half of them for free!

The price is the same regardless if you own any of the maps in the pack.

This product is produced by A-ron's Maps & Stuff and is priced at $40.00


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