The Sea Among Fae

Three seafaring lovers meet for one day every decade after they sailed their separate ways. Their first meeting bore a child, born at sea and now bound to land. Their second meeting will arrive soon, but the child is nowhere to be found.

A PotC-inspired, search-and-rescue mission in three parts mixing seafaring tales, fey crossings, and odd but wholesome families! Meant for Tier 2 parties and 1-3 sessions, and┬áincludes ways to weave in your party’s backstories and leave a lasting effect on your campaign!

Original content includes:

  • interaction phase, puzzle phase, and combat phase
  • up to 7 magic items to obtain
  • up to 6 lasting NPC alliances
  • cover illustration and one interior portrait by R.M. Sayan

This adventure was written during the RPG Writers’ Workshop of July 2020, run by Ashley Warren.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $4.99


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