5 Room Dungeons Zine 1: The Tower of Drowned Shadows

Herein ye shall find the horrors of being trapped in darkness for centuries. Trapped under water for so long it has changed souls forever. Trapped in duties so old, some no longer recall who they are.

For those brave enough to travel deep down into the cold, wet darkness, where shadows flirt with death and spectres of the past seethe with revenge, a great secret awaits.

But is the secret worth dying for?

Only you can answer that question as you run The Tower of Drowned Shadows.

This is a D&D 5E adventure that should make a thrilling night of horrific entertainment.

Players discover a buried tower filled with water and undead.

Both roleplay and combat paths are possible.

The tower also poses a puzzle for cunning players.

This adventure also offers:

  • New magic item — Frostfinger
  • New monsters — the Drowned Specter and Drowned Shadow
  • New NPCs — Rhanes, Captain of the Guard and Slit, Leader of the Assassasin

This challenging adventure is suitable for Tier 1 play. But I’ve also included detailed instructions on how to level up encounters for CR 4, CR 8, and CR 12 play, including new Legendary actions and Lair Actions.

I’ve also added Designer Notes to help you have a very successful run.

This product is produced by RoleplayingTips.com and is priced at $7.00


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