Beneath the surface of the planet Kibo are deposits of hyper-fosilised crystalline ore (HCO) which, when refined, provide the key to answering the questions Scientists have been pondering for millennia. The true potential of this most precious resource is yet to be unlocked but one thing is for sure –to certain industrialists it is worth causing mass destabilisation to obtain. Perhaps this is how the surface of Kibo came to be known only as The Battleground.

In Armour Battleground you take on the role of a MechaPilot. You have been tasked with securing resources for Enuflex Corp, a tyrannical conglomerate of global tech giants who wish to extract all resources from this dying planet.

As a MechaPilot it is your job to puncture the surface of Kibo and extract samples of HCO in order to locate prime mining sites for Enuflex.

Go head to head against other MechaPilots and secure your position as the Battleground Victor.

Armour Battleground is a standalone turn-based RPG set within the Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts (MTTP) universe as a game within a game. It has been a great pleasure to construct a system allowing for this, and I hope it brings a smile along with some fun gameplay.

The MTTP Core Rulebook is of course not required to play this game, however any of the themes or Characters may inspire ideas from Players and Storytellers alike when playing the MTTP roleplay game.

This product is produced by Frontier Gaming and is priced at $3.99


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