Beyond the Dungeon 2 – The Zine of Abstract Dungeon

Welcome space explorers to the latest edition of Beyond the Dungeon. In this issue we explore the final frontier: space!

You’ll find these articles:

  • Traits to play aliens and spaceship crews
  • New rules for space ships, and high-tech equipment
  • Hazards of deep space
  • Tips for running your first game of Abstract Dungeon
  • Theta Quadrant – A high-adventure space exploration mini-setting
  • Mizar System – A gritty space mini-setting
  • A Rude Awakening – An space adventure introducing the Mizar System setting
  • Random Adventures – Table to create random planets and gigs for freelance crews

So set a course for adventure and engage your hyperspace drive!

Abstract Dungeon is a fast, story-focused roleplaying game that represents your character’s abilities as resource pools you spend through the course of the adventure. You can find it now on DriveThruRPG.

This product is produced by Sneak Attack Press and is priced at $3.99


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