Dice Tombs

Just in time for your Halloween session!

Many web sites sell fancy wooden dice vaults with very serious looking dragons carved into rare, dark wood. If you scratch mine, you owe me $80.  Some even sell coffin shaped dice boxes.

With this set, you can print your own coffin shaped dice box at home.  Or, print a tombstone shaped one.  Make a whole set for your group’s Halloween session, or any creepy adventure.


  • Fully customizable.  Wide variety of possible art, colors, and paper textures.

  • Palm-sized coffin and tombstone boxes hold about 20 dice.  Scale can be adjusted in your print dialog box.

  • Multi-layer cardstock construction is tough enough for travel on the material plane.

  • Step-by-step instructions so everyone can make one.

Game Night Advantages

  • Make a few to add serious attitude to your personal dice sets.  Or, think of a theme and gift matching dice tombs to everyone in your group.

  • Personalized designs make game night feel immersive and intimate rather than store-bought.

  • Let your players take them home as an unique and memorable keepsake.

  • Show off some creepy RPG style at home, school, or office.  Your sister wouldn’t dare take your favorite pens if doing so risked the curse of a mummy!

Dice coffin Dice coffin

Dice coffin Dice coffin

Dice tombstone Dice tombstone

Dice tombstone Dice tombstone

Dice coffin animation

Ancient trees cry out:
Why use rare wood for a box,
When paper serves well?

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This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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