Dragonriders Hold 40×30 Multi-Level Battlemap

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A local village has been attacked twice over the last few months by humanoid figures riding young dark colored dragons and thus have sought your help in tracking down the home base of these raiders and putting an end to there attacks.

A woodsman leads you to the area where he last spotted the large flying creatures before quickly shuffling off afterwards back towards town. Before you lies a large cliff and thin dirt path which leads to winding sets of staircases carved into the stone.

After much travel up the dark staircases you reach lit torches and soon after enter a small internal room with a central wooden table full of food and a map. Two men at the table look surprised to see you and quickly grab their crossbows, while a third figure kneeling at the altar grabs a spear.

They don’t attack immediately but will accuse you of being involved with a group called blackwing and having come to finish the job. If you manage to deescalate the conflict the dragonriders will explain that they are from a small clan from the far north, which was driven out of their lands by a new dragonrider clan using demonically empowered dragons.

This new blackwing clan appears to be the clan that has been attacking the local village for supplies while hunting down the remnants of the other dragonrider clans. The dragonriders have been fortifying this old hold in the understanding that the blackwing clan will never give up hunting them and intends on one final last stand.

Based on how you found these dragonriders the blackwing clan are expected to find them any day now, will you stand and fight with them? Or leave them to their fate?

Dragonriders Hold

Dragonsfall Peak Upper Tower

Dragonsfall Peak Upper

Irontooth’s Hold Upper Tower

Irontooth’s Hold

Abandoned Bastion Upper Tower

Abandoned Bastion


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