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One game to play them all!

  • A universal story system
  • Any genre
  • Any story
  • Anywhere
  • Any time…

We at GMD Online are a small business and have many exciting new titles that we are working on…

Here is a small amount of what our Patreons are getting involved in right now!

But this is not all…

We have a whole years worth of hard work ahead of us and cannot wait to get our books into your hands so that you may enjoy countless adventures in strange new worlds…

Here is what we have planned for development & release in 2021!

GMD CORE RPG GM Screen Inserts

Our GM Screen Inserts designed to be used with Drive-Thru’s Landscape 4 panel GM Screen are available for sale now! In PDF and Printed formats.
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Watch out for this great addition to the GMD CORE RPG Accessories!

On other news…

We have almost completed our first Comicbook. Here at GMD Online, we give our Patreons the chance to create heroes and then immortalise them within the pages of a comic-book. Our first Comic Kickstarter is almost ready for fulfilment and the release of our first comic on Drive-Thru early January!

We have several titles running currently in various stages of development…

We are going to be starting Issue #2 of the StarGuard comic and an all-new Sci-Fi Comic set in our Starfall CORE World setting called The Angelica Star. We will be looking for players to take part in that comic soon!

Kickstarter coming soon!

Also to celebrate the return of season 2 of the Mandalorian we have developed a Bounty Hunter adventure set in our Starfall CORE World and will be releasing the Kickstarter soon!

Hope to see you on the Kickstarter if not then worry not, all these products will be coming to GMD Online Store soon! It’s exciting times for us at GMD Online…

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