Oldarin’s Magical Tattoo Parlor

A secluded shop sequestered away in a place where few venture, Oldarin’s Magical Tattoo Parlor is a location that few are aware actually exists. Lit by wax-candles that emit dim, red flames, the walls are covered from the ceiling support beams to the floor boards with the various stencils and completed art pieces of the proprietor, Oldarin.

Oldarin is a proud Yikarian (colloquially referred to as yakfolk) with broad shoulders and thick fur. Standing at ten feet tall, he towers over most of his patrons. That plus the yikarian ability to possess the body of a humanoid or giant that they touch can often intimidate Oldarin’s clientele. Oldarin finds the fact that he could possibly scare anybody preposterous, making him unleash a deep, bellowing belly laugh.

Inside this supplement: 23 original magical tattoos, 6 of which are upgradeable

With powers such as enhancing your ability scores, giving you access to spells, aiding you on the battlefield, enhancing your skills, protecting you from death, and more, Oldarin is proud to have something for everyone.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.95


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