QuaranZine 2020, Volume 2: THE FUNNEL

Remember the good old days, when roleplaying games were in person, dice rolls were physical, and the finale of every dungeon wasn’t a teleconference bug? Those days aren’t back, but QuaranZine is here to help. This volume is meant for those judges, scattered across the planes, whose noble spirits have been tested by their social distancing, and are ready to game for a great cause: COVID-19 victim relief.

Produced by community volunteers and charged with a fulsome amount of Dungeon Crawl Classics-compatible content, this zine brings you four new funnels to use in your DCC games. All proceeds from QuaranZine volume 2 will be donated directly to a non-profit COVID-19 relief fund.

That’s right – while you and your players repel insectoid aliens, battle kaiju, save children from witches, or destroy an infernal ooze machine, your money will be going to help families impacted by COVID-19 across the United States.

You’re no shut-in.
You’re an adventurer…

This product is produced by The Social Distance Collective and is priced at $6.00


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