Slarecian Vault Frostlands of Fenrilik 5e Template (InDesign)

All the materials you need to get started creating your own Frostlands of Fenrilik 5e books.

Includes all textures, fonts, and indsign templates. 

Note: This template is for use with the Slarecian Vault community content program only. For more information on creating your own Scarred Lands supplements and publishing them on DriveThruRPG please review the Guidelines and FAQ.

Scarred Lands Players GuideA Land Where Legends Walk

Drawing enthusiastically on Greek mythology, the revised and re-imagined Scarred Lands nonetheless retains its place as a modern fantasy RPG setting. This is a world shaped by gods and monsters, and only the greatest of heroes can expect to be counted among them. The most populous continent of Scarn, Ghelspad, plays host to vast unexplored regions, hides unsolved riddles from ancient cultures, and taunts adventures with the promise of undiscovered riches hidden among the ruins of older civilizations.

Yet the myths of the Scarred Lands are relatively recent events. The effects of the Titanswar still ripple through the world, and the heroines and villains of many of these stories are part of living memory, if not still alive themselves.

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