Spooky Synthfire Stories 2020

Welcome to the Retroverse!

An exciting new 5E universe from Lasers & Liches that resides in a place of half faded memories, barely remembered songs, lost childhood friends, outdated styles, abandoned dreams, lost playthings, vapor ware, and time corroded nostalgia. A place both strange and familiar. A place for adventure, friendship, chaos, and the magic of yesteryear. In short, a place that combines your love of the present with your adoration of the past.

Three unknown creatures in the deep forest gather around a campfire to tell you tales of strange and scary monsters within the Retroverse. They speak of new playable subspecies, horrific new monsters, and even share a few of their artifacts with you. All they want in return, is a few scary stories from you…

This product is produced by Lasers & Liches and is priced at $5.00


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