The Drotoman



An unfamiliar figure walks through the village, smelling faintly of roses, with a brisk stride and a black hood over his head. The strange guest’s pace quickens as the townspeople peer at him, dirt covering his tan, naked feet. After what feels like an eternity to the figure and all watching, he reaches the Metal Ace Tavern, quickly opens the door, and slams it behind himself. The wooden sign attached by rope to the door clacks against it, revealing large, red letters spelling “CLOSED.”

The stranger lets out his stress in an exasperated sigh, locking the door behind him. The bartender is nowhere to be seen, but that doesn’t matter – the mysterious humanoid was given a key. This bar is known for housing the strangest of races, ones that wish to avoid the public eye, and this individual fits that description better than he may like to. The figure pushes back his hood, revealing a freckled, manly, tan face, dirty blonde hair, and multiple roses all seemingly sprouting from his skin. He removes his cloak, revealing many stems, buds, and leaves that seem to be coming straight out of his body and wrapping around his limbs. He leaves the cloak draped over a stool and helps himself to a glass of water from behind the bar, drinking some through his lips and distributing the rest to the roses around his body.

The drotoman thinks to himself, “If only this bar had good access to sunlight.”


Hello and welcome to my fourth product on the Dungeon Master’s Guild: The Drotoman!

The drotoman are a new playable race of plant-like people made for the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They are very easily recognized by the plant that naturally grows on their body, be it a flower, fruit, vegetable, fern, tree, or any other plant encounterable in the wild. 

The drotoman were made with the intent of being a unique playable race that offers players many different options and allows for a great amount of creativity. Any plant, realistic or fictional, can be said to grow on a drotoman, and the type of plant that grows on them affects their subrace. There are a whopping 15 subraces to choose from, each with an ability score increase and a unique ability.

In addition to the race itself and the 15 subraces, I have included multiple pages of lore – five to be exact – that go into greater depth about the day-to-day lives of the drotoman as well as their culture and where they live (an island known as Ivory Cay). 

I have also added a new druid circle (the Circle of Mater Natura), seven new magic items, and a new artifact (the Staff of Seasons)! I promise that you will be getting more than the value of a dollar if you choose to purchase this supplement.

In this supplement to the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll find the following:

  • A new race of plant-like people!
  • Fifteen subraces for this new race!
  • Seven magic items relating to the theme of the drotoman!
  • A new druid circle centering around the drotoman!
  • A new artifact with the unique trait of gaining different abilities from each season!
  • A ton of lore!

If you enjoy this product, I implore you to check out some of my other creations and to keep an eye out for my next creation! I plan to release a creature for Halloween that will give your players a tough and interesting battle and provide some very spooky lore! Until next time!