The Ghosts of Knapsford Hollow

The Great Bibliotheca at the Hospice of the Brotherhood of the Integument of the Godess Hoepht in Solihar houses everything ever written on the world of Atruria. The scroll you stole from there this very evening is somewhat out of the ordinary in that you cannot resist reading it. The strange magics woven about it suddenly take you to a world of ghosts and wraiths from another time. Trapped alone in this bizarre nightmare you must battle your way past creatures of the undead and ancient spirits. You must escape from the village of Knapsford Hollow or be trapped there forever…

The Ghosts of Knapsford Hollow is a solitaire adventure for the Tunnels & TrollsTM roleplaying system with a Halloween flavour to it. It was written with the Deluxe rules in mind and is designed for up to 2nd level characters with no more than 25 combat adds from the roughly human-sized or smaller kindreds. It is quite a tough solo and comparative novice characters stand little chance of surviving the challenges within. Warriors will probably fare best but magic users may make the attempt, though spell casting is limited to lower level spells for combat and healing.

This product is produced by Tavernmaster Games and is priced at $2.00


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