The Witches of Navarre

Classic Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. scenario set in an unusual time: the Baroque period. Includes pregenerated characters specifically made for this scenario.

The Witches of Navarre takes place in 17th Century Spain following events arising from the Basque Witch Trials of 1609. In 1611, Alonso de Salazar Frías is instructed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition to further investigate the accusations of witchcraft within the communities of Navarre. His mission is to interrogate alleged witches and determine if their statements tally. In January 1612, Salazar attests to the Grand Inquisitor  “I have not found [any proof] that [even] one act of witchcraft has actually taken place…” though the truth that the players, Salazar’s investigative team, uncover in 1611 is far more malevolent than he would ever say.

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $10.00


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