The Witching Hour’s Carnival

Drawn to a giant striped tent in the middle of the woods by a mysterious melody, you find yourself within The Witching Hour’s Carnival. After being welcomed by an extravagant Githzarai, you learn more about the miracle worker and carnival creator, Granny Youth, as you witness everything that this inexplicable place has to show. Such as the many different games and vendors set up around the tent of The Bewildering and the Strange, a tour of mystifying monsters, like a hand standing owlbear and a shapeshifting doppelganger. As the night continues you quickly realize not everything you see is what it seems and there is a lot more than simple illusions within The Witching Hour’s Carnival. 

A one-shot adventure for 3-5 characters levels 4-6 

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $3.99


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