Thunder on the Greyheart

A fifth level adventure for players using Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

Thunder on the Greyheart was written on my offtime between Osmond Ward stuff in an attempt to see how much I’ve improved on my adventure writing since early last year. Happily, I can honestly say this has helped me really become a lot more confident in my writing and module work, and I’m releasing it with….. Cautious optimism.

That being said, this is my first time writing anything for Fifth Edition, and as such I AM quite awkward with it. Hopefully, I do you all proud.

It is the 17th age, in the land of Vistermere.

Your party have been travelling for six months over highland and valley, making your way towards the Beacon – an unknown call all beings feel in their soul.

Most have turned back before now, and you passed Feris’ Mourning, the final outpost, several tens of miles back. No help is coming for you.

As you crest the Greyheart mountains, one of the final stretches of your journey, you find yourselves getting lost in a snowstorm – angry, malicious, howling. You decide to turn back, but as you head back into the caverns behind you… There is no land ahead. Nothing but shadows, and the ever encroaching storm. Visibility is zero, and in the distance, you hear howling and screams. The long night approaches.

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