Voices of the Snow – Character Options

New 5e Character Options for Scarred Lands Campaigns in The Frostlands of Fenrilik

Cold winds, ice, and snow are an unavoidable reality for the people of Fenrilik. Within this
bitter, gods-forgotten land, mortals look for ways to endure the relentless cold blanketing it for months on end. It should be no surprise that adventurers from this frigid environment have powers and abilities not found elsewhere in Scarn.

This publication includes three new character build options available for characters adventuring in the icy lands of Fenrilik:

  • The new cleric Domain of Cold available to followers of the demigod Fraelhia the Snow Queen
  • The nearly forgotten Titan Gulaben as an option for druids belonging to the Circle of the Fallen
  • A new warlock patron, The Voice of the Singing Snow

This product is produced by Onyx Path Publishing and is priced at $1.00


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