Ashdown: The Hydra Sector For Starships & Spacemen 2E

The follow up sequel to Ashdown: Sol & Xoth Sectors For Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen 2E.

A vast wild frontier of space where the Galactic Confederation is not the dominant power, space-farers go missing on a routine basis, and interstellar intrigues threaten to undermine galactic peace. Pirates, space monsters, and celestial phenomenon call this region home…we call it the Hydra Sector.

Welcome To The Hydra Sector, a backwater untamed region of space where the Galactic Confederation’s presence and influence are mere echos in a vast cold expanse of space. This Campaign resource expands the Ashdown Universe for veteran players with Characters ranked level four and higher with a new region to explore. This supplement introduces 10 new solar systems, 50 new planets, 4 new unexplored forbidden stars, 2 new weapons, a new player-character race, 3 new starbases, 7 new alien creatures, 2 space diseases, several new ships and a detailed background of the region and its inhabitants.

The Luminous Design Product “Ashdown: Sol & Xoth Sectors” is required for use with this expansion. 

This product is produced by Luminous Design and is priced at $9.00


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