City of Mist Playbook: Bassie

This beautifully illustrated character playbook for the City of Mist RPG introduces Bassie, a soulful jazz singer and the Rift of Bastet, the fierce lioness warrior goddess.

As a singer in the City’s sleaziest clubs, Bassie has always employed subtlety and charm to help her fellow female performers survive the company of crooks and lowlives often found in those establishments.

A longtime stage performer, Bassie knows that appearances set the tone of every performance — patrons who attend her shows often swear her entrances are legendary. Bassie was not the only one transformed by the goddess growing in her. When she’s in a pinch, her trusty tabby is always ready with a fierce magical protective aura and her equally ferocious claws.

City of Mist is a comic-book film-noir RPG, where you play ordinary individuals with legendary powers and hit the streets of a haunted modern-day city in search for answers. With a simple but powerful narrative game system and unique character motivation and evolution mechanics, City of Mist will let you experience just what happens when everyday life on the streets awakens to unfathomable mythical forces from within.

This product is produced by Son of Oak Game Studio and is priced at $2.95


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